Wisdom Teeth

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    "Wisdom teeth removal services in Perth"

    The wisdom teeth are generally the last teeth to erupt into the mouth, usually in the late teens or early twenties. However, if the jaw has insufficient space for the tooth to come through, it may become stuck or “impacted”. In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth cause problems and must be removed. TLC Dental’s group of dental practices has enlisted the services of Dr Anchalee Jennings-Lowe who is experienced in the removal of wisdom teeth.

    Anchalee offers treatment with oral sedation of relative analgesia (nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”) and intra-venous sedation (“sleep dentistry”).  She is also accredited to provide treatment under general anaesthetic at Southbank Day Surgery.  

    If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 08 9310 5960 .

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