All The Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth at the Dentist

It seems that teeth whitening kits, tricks and gimmicks are everywhere these days. Whether it’s a toothpaste promising magical whitening powers, a natural coconut oil teeth whitening or an at-home UV light system, it can be hard to tell the ‘works’ from the ‘wastes’ out there!

While there are some benefits of teeth whitening kits, most of the time it’s better to get the job done professionally at your dentist. Opting for an in-chair teeth whitening treatment will always be faster, safer and stronger than any cheap product guaranteeing a quick fix. Here’s why:



1. You’re virtually guaranteed success

At the dentist, you can be a lot more sure your teeth whitening is actually going to work. Because your dentist knows teeth, they will be able to determine early on how effective the whitening process will be. You can expect up to eight shades lighter teeth, but this varies depending on the patient and the extent of their yellowing. Supermarket products or kits ordered online often claim to whiten up to eight shades, but it’s not often the case.

2. Your teeth will be taken care of

Teeth whitening in the dentist’s chair is far safer than using an at-home treatment. Your dentist understands how the lightening agent (hydrogen peroxide) can affect your teeth and gums, so they take great care to apply it safely. Hydrogen peroxide can burn the gums if applied incorrectly, and it should only sit on your teeth for a limited time. At-home kits may come with instructions on how to whiten safely, but it’s usually better to leave it to the experts!

3. You can ensure whitening is right for you

When you have your teeth whitened at the dentist, you’ll undergo a checkup with the dental hygienist first. The hygienist will examine the state of your teeth and determine whether whitening is the right option for you – sometimes, people who suffer from sensitive gums, gum disease, cavities or exposed roots are ineligible for treatment. It can be a bit disappointing, but it’s better to find out from your dentist than to try an at-home kit and see further damage!

4. You’ll receive personalised treatment

Over-the-counter products often use a tray filled with a whitening agent gel. These trays are designed to be one-size-fits-all, and therefore they don’t fit the impression of your teeth correctly. This can lead to the whitening agent touching your gums and potentially causing harm, too. At the dentist, you’ll have a custom impression of your teeth made up so the product sits perfectly in your mouth.

5. Whitening will be faster and stronger

By law, your dentist can use stronger concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (the lightening agent) because they understand how to handle the product safely. Over-the-counter whitening kits may not use more than 6% hydrogen peroxide, but dentists can use up to 35% hydrogen peroxide. That means you take one or two trips to the dentist for a quick whitening session rather than wearing an uncomfortable tray filled with gel for hours every week at home!


 The good news is that teeth whitening is completely painless – the only thing you may experience is a little sensitivity from the gel. TLC is also an anxiety-friendly dentist. We’ve designed our cosmetic dental services specifically to help alleviate nerves and anxiety, and we never start work on your smile without telling you exactly what’s going to happen and why. That’s why we’re called TLC!

If you’re looking to polish that smile, reach out to TLC – we’re conveniently located in five areas across Perth and Mandurah!


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