How it works

Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetics – they can’t be removed, except by a dentist!

Crowns can replace a large filling if there’s minimal tooth available, protect weak teeth, conceal an unsightly tooth or cover a root canal.

Bridges, on the other hand, function as a connection between two teeth that are separated by a missing tooth gap. Leaving this gap can increase the chances of your teeth shifting out of place. It can also increase the chance of gum disease.

Fitting your dental crowns and bridges

Full smile restoration.

TLC can fit crowns and bridges with ease for missing, broken or otherwise compromised teeth.

Most prosthetics are available in porcelain, ceramic, resin or gold casts. They will be fitted to your natural smile and face shape and constructed to replicate the set of your teeth entirely.

You can improve both the structure and the visual appeal of your teeth with bridges and crowns.

Fitting dental crowns and bridges is possible at all of our high-tech dental clinics. Nothing feels better than restoring your mouth to its original state.


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