Brighter Smiles: Understanding Dental Fillings at TLC Dental

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Your Journey to Healthy Teeth and Happier Smiles

Worried about an upcoming filling? While fillings are a normal part of dental care, they cause some worry and stress for many patients. Dr Ian has outlined how we complete fillings at TLC Dental, to help keep those pearly whites strong, healthy and in their best shape.

Understanding the Importance of Fillings

Fillings are vital for treating cavities and stopping further decay. Cavities happen when bacteria in your mouth make acid that eats away at your teeth, creating small holes. If not fixed, cavities can lead to bigger problems. Fillings help fix the tooth, preventing decay from spreading and keeping your smile natural.

Our Approach to Fillings at TLC Dental

At TLC Dental, we care about your comfort. Our skilled dentists use advanced tools and techniques to make getting a filling easy and pain-free. First, we check your teeth thoroughly using digital X-rays to understand the decay. Then, we personalise the treatment for your needs to get the best results.

What to Expect During a Filling Procedure

Getting a filling at TLC Dental is simple. We start by numbing the area with a local anaesthetic to make sure you don’t feel any pain. Then, our dentists remove the decayed part of your tooth, clean the hole, and fill it with a strong and natural-looking material. The filling is shaped and polished to match your tooth, giving it a smooth finish.

Advantages of Choosing TLC Dental for Fillings

Choosing TLC Dental means you get a mix of skill, modern technology, and a focus on you. Our dentists make sure you feel comfortable during the procedure by using the latest techniques to reduce pain. We also make sure your fillings work well and look good too, blending in with your natural teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fillings

  1. Is getting a filling painful? No, our dentists use local anaesthesia to make sure you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.
  2. How long do fillings last? Fillings can last many years with good oral care and regular check-ups.
  3. Can I eat right after getting a filling? Yes, you can go back to eating normally once the numbness goes away.
  4. Are there other options besides traditional fillings? Other options like inlays, onlays, or dental crowns might be considered depending on how bad the decay is. Our dentists will talk to you about the best choice for your situation.

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