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An easy guide to picking the right toothbrush

We can picture it clearly. You’re standing in your local pharmacy or store in front of the toothbrushes. There is a sea of varieties in front of you, ranging in size, colour, and brand. You begin to get hot, the sweat drips in dollops down your neck, you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused all at the same time! “Which toothbrush should I choose?” you whisper to yourself, feeling the anxiety mount. This is an all too familiar situation that almost every Australian has been through at one time when deciding which is the right toothbrush to buy. At TLC Dental, we understand the confusion and have come up with an easy guide on how to pick the right toothbrush.

  • Inspect your mouth – before setting foot into the store, make sure you have examined your mouth and teeth well. Be aware of what size mouth you have – small, medium or large. Check out your teeth, are they very small or are they longer and wider. Knowing what kind of mouth and teeth structure you have will help you in knowing what toothbrush is right.
  • Look for the right size – knowing your mouth size and the size of your teeth, will help you know what kind of size toothbrush head you’re looking for. Commonly, most people need a medium sized toothbrush head that measures approximately 1cm wide by 2.5cm long. But if you have a bigger mouth or bigger teeth you may need something larger. Do not opt for a toothbrush that is too long or wide as it may not be able to reach as far back into your mouth as it needs to.
  • Make sure the handle is comfortable – try a few toothbrushes on for size here. Hold the handles and assess how comfortable they are. Make sure the length of the handle is long enough for the head to be able to reach your back teeth.
  • Choose a soft bristle – some people prefer medium or hard-bristled brushes but most dental specialists will advise you to choose a soft bristled brush instead. Softer bristles will not damage or hurt your gums unnecessarily and are not prone to wearing or removing the protective enamel off of your teeth.
  • Do you require an electric toothbrush? – some people with medical conditions like arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome may prefer an electric toothbrush rather than a manual one. The choice is really yours, and often depends on your needs and budget.
  • Choose an approved toothbrush – the Australian Dental Association has given its seal of approval to toothbrush brands that have met their stringent Australian quality and safety standards. Always choose a product that has the ADA seal of approval on it.

Buying the right toothbrush for you can be as easy as one, two, three if you know what you’re looking for and follow this easy-to-use guide. Click here if you want to know more about how to choose the right toothbrush for your teeth.

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