TLC Dental’s Top Five Christmas Survival Tips for your Teeth!

TLC Dental’s Top Five Christmas Survival Tips for your Teeth!


Is there anytime more fun than the festive season? A time to unwind, relax and enjoy a little bit of overindulgence! It truly is the season to be jolly – especially after the year we have all had!

While we may not get a white Christmas in Australia, there’s no reason why your teeth can’t stay pearly and white. That’s why we’ve put together a few quick tips to make sure you can avoid any oral disasters and take care of your teeth this festive season. 


TLC Dental Tip #1: Don’t overdo the alcohol

Ok, easier said than done, right? While it can be pretty difficult to pass up on the brandy and bubbly throughout this season of celebration, it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo it.

We all know too much alcohol can lead to an expanding waistline and some embarrassing moments at your work’s Christmas party, but you may be surprised to learn just how much alcohol consumption can increase the risk of oral cancer. 

By dehydrating your mouth’s cell walls, alcohol can help carcinogens diffuse through the tissue, which raises the risk of contracting mouth cancer. Worse yet, when combined with tobacco, this increases this risk roughly 30 times, so it’s best to skip out on those celebratory cigars too. 

Rather than taking along a bottle of bubbly to your party, why not opt for some kombucha? Fizzy, fruity and packed full of probiotics, swap out the booze for some ‘buch every now and again!


TLC Dental Tip #2: Take it easy on those hard lollies

Lollipops, candy canes, jaffas – gifting and receiving lollies has long been a staple of the festive season. And while those hard lollies may seem tempting,  a chipped tooth is definitely not something you’d like to get on your holiday. 

When you crack or chip your tooth, it can make it easier than ever for plaque to sneak its way in and wreak havoc on your nerve endings. Plus – hard candies have a higher concentration of sugar than softer sweets. Sugar is what cavity-causing bacteria feed on, so when you do eat sugary treats always wash them down with a glass of water.

The effects of tooth damage from eating a hard lolly simply isn’t worth the sugar rush, so next time someone offers the lolly tin, pass it up for something a little easier on the teeth. Dark chocolate feels just as indulgent, but it’s low in sugar and bursting with antioxidants!


TLC Dental Tip #3: Watch out for anything sticky

Fruit mince pies can’t be too bad for your mouth, right? After all, they’re packed full of fruit, aren’t they?

Not exactly. In fact, anything sweet and sticky means a high sugar content and a consistency which loves to cling to your teeth. And, when that sugar clings to your teeth your risk of contracting tooth decay and cavities skyrockets. 

We’re not saying to avoid them altogether – just don’t overindulge and make sure to wash your mouth out after snacking on these festive favourites. 


TLC Dental Tip #4: Head to your party prepared

Pack your present, your festive spirit and don’t forget your floss and gum! 

When you head off to a big Christmas lunch or a staff party that will go on for longer than 4 hours, pack a little bit of floss in your bag so you’ll be able to remove any food that may have become lodged in there when you nip off to the bathroom.  Plus, this will spare you the embarrassment of realising you have spinach between your teeth in all of your photos!

Popping some chewing gum into your mouth after you’ve eaten can also help you take care of your teeth – if it’s sugar-free, of course! By stimulating saliva production, chewing gum helps you wash your mouth out and say goodbye to any sugar that may have built up around your teeth. 


TLC Dental Tip #5: Prioritise those appointments 

While finding the time you can squeeze an appointment into throughout this hectic season may seem impossible, get in early and make sure you hold onto any appointments you may have already booked. After all, no one wants to discover tooth decay or cavities during the silly season. 

At TLC Dental, we believe in general dentistry solutions that will set you up with healthy teeth for life, so when you come in for your checkup we’ll your teeth will be left in an immaculate condition. 

Our fluoride treatment helps set your teeth up to fend off tooth decay by making your teeth resistant to acid attacks from sugar and plaque bacteria. By helping reverse early stages of decay, this treatment lays the foundation for a glowing and healthy set of teeth, so can enter the holidays smiling. 


Want to book an appointment before the holidays? Our clinics will be here for you every day throughout the Christmas season except for the public holidays. 

Book a check-up and a scale and clean with our hygienist at one of our five suburbs south of the river, including:

  • Winthrop
  • Bluegum
  • Mandurah
  • Chisham

Phone your local clinic to book in for a check-up today and enjoy your holidays – you deserve it!

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